Recently I bought this device from There was an $80 offer on few weeks back. Before buying this device I plugged one of my friends same device into my laptop. GNU/Linux (Debian Sarge – Linux Kernel – detected it as a hard drive. I mounted the device successfully and was able to look into the contents of the disk. I was quite happy and ordered the same one.I got a black colored device. This device is very light weighted. It has a very smooth casing. Overall the outer look is pleasing. Initially there was no issues in writing to and reading from this disk. As the days progressed it started slowing down a bit and also started throwing sector and block read error along with other errors. I googled a lot but there is no much help. Always I ended up reading that there is a bug in ehci_hcd module. I got some suggestions from few pages asking me to remove this ehci_hcd module and use the older version uhci_hcd.

This can be done using the command “modprobe -r ehci_hcd”

It helped me initially but later I started getting the same old errors again. I think somehow writing to this device corrupts the FAT32 filesystem. After lots of frustration, I plugged in the device on to Windows machine of my friend and tried to read and write. Here also the device failed while writing. The read operation seems to be working fine.

Later I decided to partition this device. I plugged it into my laptop and fired fdisk and partitioned the device into four parts equally. Plugged it back into the windows machine and formatted all the partitions as FAT32. I ran CHKDSK to see any bad blocks. CHKDSK ran successfully without showing any errors. I think my frequent usage of this device under Linux which is having a buggy ehci_hcd driver created this problem. I believe that somehow if there is a sector problem then it should be in any one of the partitions. If it is my bad luck then I can just ignore that partition and be happy with the rest. Since CHKDSK doesn’t show any errors this must not be the case.

Altogether it was a bad experience with this device on my linux laptop. My friends are having wonderful time with this one on their windows machines. I am looking forward for a fix in the kernel. Also I need to try my luck with uhci_hcd again. Let us see what happens.


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