Posted by: noorul | June 4, 2008

Setting up wpa_supplicant on Debian etch (linux

Recently, I was trying to connect to a WiFi access point in my room. Some how the system not able to associate to the access point. It took lots of time for me to find out that WPA-PSK encryption is used. Following steps helped me to setup wpa_supplicant which encrypts the stream.

1. Create wpa_supplicant.conf. Mine is located at /etc/

	ssid="Access Point SSID"
	psk="Really Secret"

2. Put following commands inside a shell script

wpa_supplicant -Dwext -ieth2 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -Bw
dhclient eth2

3. Run the above script to bring the link up.

Now have fun with browsing!


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