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Sony Ericsson w810i – Airtel Mobile Office – A review.

Sony Ericsson w810i – Airtel Mobile Office – A review 11:30

Recently I bought a Sony Ericsson w810i mobile. Till then I was using Nokia 1100. I never felt to go for a high end model. Recently Airtel introduced Mobile Office scheme and I thought of utilising this feature.

Airtel Mobile Office provide various schemes under this name. I choose 30 days unlimited internet access for Rs. 375/-. This is in Chennai and I don’t know about the price in other cities. I think it is much cheaper in Kerala. One wonderful thing about this scheme is that roaming is free of charge. While roaming you can access unlimited internet without paying any roaming charges. I had wonderful experience in Cochin. It is best to use this scheme in Airtel EDGE enabled networks. To utilise this technology an EDGE enabled mobile phone is necessary. That is why I choose Sony Ericsson w810i.

I bought w810i for Rs. 14400/-. I thought it was worth spending that much because of the cool features it has other than normal mobile features.

  • Music only mode allows you to use your device as music player.
  • Wonderful music player which plays almost all formats.
  • Built-in FM radio. Earphone should be plugged in inorder to use this feature.
  • 512 MB memory stick that comes with the mobile is enough to store some of your recent hits and some games and cool applications.
  • Lots of Java applications can run on this mobile.
  • EDGE enabled for high speed data transfer.
  • Bluetooth
  • Infra-red.
  • Plenty of cool applications
  • Light weighted.

What else can you ask from a small mobile phone?

I haven’t used any other high end mobile phones. So I can’t make a comparison here. Altogether I am satisfied with the performance and features of this mobile.

Coming back to Airtel Mobile Office, I had some initial issues getting connected to the internet. There is a Rs. 375/- recharge especially for Mobile Office. Once this is done, customer will receive a confirmation message from Airtel within 24 hours saying that the connection got activated. Followed by setting will be sent which is to be installed. Now you have to restart the phone to start using GPRS connection. I was not aware of this restart thing and hence I was not able to connect initially. I had to take the phone to nearby Airtel center where they fixed the issue by just restarting the mobile.

After getting this issues fixed, I was on internet always. Even I can connect this mobile phone to my laptop and browse from it. That is another article. I installed some cool Java applications that helps me to keep connected to the internet.

  • Opera Mini – Wonderful browser. I wonder how could they put everything in KBs.
  • GoTalkMobile – For instant messaging – Google Talk.
  • EQO Mobile – For instant messaging – Supports multiple protocol – Yahoo, Gtalk, etc.
  • jmIrc – Cool irc client.
  • MidpSSH – Another wonderful telnet/ssh client. I couldn’t believe when I remotely logged into
  • flurry – To send photos as e-mail.

Most of these applications are available from

Life is much better!



  1. hello sir
    i want airtel gprs setting for sony erricsson w810i
    plz send me it on my mail

    thank u

  2. Hai, Airtel mobileoffice weekly pack(75) is slightly cheaper than monthly one.

  3. i want enternet explorer for sony ericssoin w810i plz send it to my mail sir.

  4. 30 days unlimitted Mobile Office Tariff was Rs 250/m in kerala till
    Feb 08..after that they charged 274….now from August 08 they charge 375 /month… ( 100 rs extra )..In cochin city airtel wired unlimitted highspeed broadband was available @ 400 rs…Its better and cheap. : -(( GPRS Mobile office has becom Worst , having download speed less than 5 kbps..cannot chat…Coverage problems…..Slow browsing speed…. But Guys Used with MO got addicted and still using it paying 375 bucks Bcoz -need more initial money for setting up modem and Broadband comnnnection.

  5. hello sir i want internet settings and details how to connect internet through sonyerisson mobial

  6. i want airtel gprs setting for sony erricsson w810i
    plz send me it on my mail

  7. hi friends please send airtel mobile office hack settings to my email id

  8. i have gprs internet settings for all networks . email me with if yoy are interested.
    note these setting will work for all mobile phone that has gprs.

  9. hellow sir
    i want airtel gprs mobile office settings

  10. hello
    sir send me airtel gprs mobile office settings to my email

    yhank u sir

  11. hello
    sir send me airtel gprs mobile office settings to my email

    thank u sir

  12. hi! can u sent me the settings for mobile office to ma mail coz i desperately need it…


  13. if there is any fixed charges for mobile office pls send me

  14. internet

  15. Everyone, for settings send mo to 52567 or simply create a new data account with APN(Access point name) as for Mobile Office, for Net On Phone(NOP). Leave all other fields as it is. For activation dial *567# from ur handset. I am posting this msg via mobile office.

  16. hello sir
    i want airtel gprs mobile office settings.

    thank u

  17. Hi!
    Are you really sure that SE K810i comes EDGE enabled?
    cause where ever i had gone, its been stated that this phone does not have EDGE. I now have this phone.

  18. Hi guys why are wasting money on MO use free internet via teashark.Download it on mobile if it is red then fine but if it is blue then download it in laptop then insert memory stick in laptop and copy paste in other in memory stick .Then for avoiding initializing problem each time install it and replace previous one and while replacing type no to keep existing data.Then activate airtel live by sending message LIVE(SPACE)ACTIVE to 511 and for setting LIVE to 52567 or 543210 and MO setting send MO to any of these two numbers.
    Then go to setting -connectivity -setting for java in w810i and click on airtel live.And teashark is like opera mini but free I am typing this from my w810i and via teashark.

  19. Is w810i is really that costly in last may?

  20. Yes it was. Now I feel bad seeing the price.

  21. once active airtel gprs spend just 20rs next 23rd hour u get a msg ur gprs is deactivated on that time u send sms to 56789 gprs7 u get extra 1week free continue it

  22. goog

  23. kya koi airte gprsl free kar dene walla sitting kisi ko pata hai kya.hai toh reply me.

  24. hello sir, i want mo soetting for w 810i can you send me that on my mail id

  25. plz send me mo setting 4 sony ericsson w810i.

    • jaldi bhejna

  26. plz send mobile office setting for my sony ericsson w700i

  27. It’s wonderful, i like it.

  28. Please send mobile office Settings for my sony ericsson S500i

  29. Hello sir,i want the AIRTEL manual setting for inbuilt instant messenger in my nokia3110c.i hav d bsnl setting but it does not work wid AIRTEL pls help.

  30. plz i want internet setting for sony w810i

  31. hi,,,
    here iam using sony ericsson s500i mobile and internet through airtel mobile office is conected but iam unable to download any kind of file to my mobile. can anybody sort my problem……?????

  32. Does anybody have Gtalk s/w for sony ericcson w810i

  33. How can i configure sony ericsson w810i to browse/save/upload/open file with opera mini on my w810i pc suite doesn’t work with window7 starter.pls reply to my email

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